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Weyland Management Group is a multi-faceted organization that integrates a full range of real estate services managed by a highly responsive team of professionals. The full scope of our competencies are applied to our own projects, whether from ground-up, acquired or redeveloped, as well as those for clients seeking a single-source company for their real estate needs.
With the goal of optimizing performance, our management group oversees all aspects of each real estate asset with an eye toward maximizing its value to ensure future profitability. With this vision for long-term growth, we keep projects moving forward by providing the kind of comprehensive management and performance that produce results.
Driven to Maximize Revenues:
In today’s market, our primary concern is the success of your property and adding value to your investment.  With service costs increasing yearly, Weyland Management Group will use the leverage of its entire portfolio when negotiating contracts such as sweeping, landscaping, custodial and waste removal.  This translates to an increased bottom line and profit to your property.
Cost Reduction:
Weyland Management Group specializes in reducing costs through detailed analysis of current budgets vs. actual expenses and negotiation of contracts with vendors to maximize savings.  In many cases, these savings have exceeded our management fees.  
Attention to Detail:
Weyland Management Group charts pertinent aspects of each client’s property operation such as cost of maintenance per square foot, tenant payment histories, cash flow analysis and statements to better apprise our clients as to the health of their investment.  Weyland Management Group maximizes the value and overall synergy of property operations.
  • Our Services:
  • Receivership
  • General Lease Administration

  • Complete Property Management
  • Landlord Tenant relations
  • Rent & Operating Expense Collection
  • Tenant Insurance Certificates
  • Regular On-site Property Inspections
  • Vendor Bidding, Selection, Supervision, & Payment
  • Debt Service Payments
  • Real Property Tax Assessment Review, Consultation, & Payment
  • Insurance Policy Review, Consultation & Premium Payment
  • Detailed Monthly Accounting Reports Distribution
  • Weyland Management Group
    3926 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Tel: 213-365-0041
    Fax: 213-365-0013
    24hr Help Line: 310-765-2992
    Email: weylandmgmt@gmail.com

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